The title “connecting” is represented metaphorically through my work to reference the various connections we make during our lives.  Living in a high-tech world, it is easier than ever to connect with others.  However, ironically, we also feel more and more isolated from one another, complicating our relationships in never before seen ways.

Directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, we experience endless “connecting” every day of our lives.  We are infinitely bound to influence each other through our differences and similarities.

Multiple forms repeated in my work symbolize various types of "connecting" that recur through our lives (whether we are making choices or choices are made for us). Each multiple resembles our everyday experiences.  They retain elements of diversity, individuality, correlation, limits, and more.  Viewers are invited to interact with my pieces through their reflections, touches, and traces.  These interactions reference my attempts at “connecting” naturally.

I am interested in combining incomplete, partial fragments that I encounter through everyday life.  Vulnerable, negligible parts become solid and significant when they are together.  This symbolizes our society where we cooperate, relate and depend on one another despite each of us being totally unique.  In my work, making an effort to connect and try to give meaning to something that is meaningless is an analogy for our lives.




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